January 2010

Mind of a scientist, Soul of a poet

January 31, 2010

Iyengar has illuminated much of the yoga practice and philosophy for me. The more I learn, the more I am drawn to him. A teacher, scientist, poet. His body is his laboratory. On his 80th birthday he did 108 dropbacks in a row. He holds kapotasana for 15 minutes. Kapotasana… for 15 minutes. If you have […]

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Three passions

January 30, 2010

Three passions have governed my life:  
The longings for love, the search for knowledge,  And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind].  Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness.  
In the union of love I have seen  
In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision  
Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined.  With equal passion […]

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Long-term exercise for telomeres

January 29, 2010

We can influence the length of our telomeres,* as discussed in this recent NYT Well blog. This study highlights the importance of long-term exercise. They compared telomere length in both young athletes (average age ~20, running ~45 miles/week) and aged athletes (average age ~51, running ~50miles/week) compared with non-athletic controls. Young athletes and young controls had […]

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