May 2010

Settling in

May 31, 2010

I made it! I’ve been settling in, grocery shopping, exploring Boulder, hanging out with my roommate (who flew in from Croatia!)…  and tomorrow we start! I’m usually a goal-oriented person but I’m trying not to set too many goals or expectations for the month. I really just want to be completely present and soak it […]

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Live the questions

May 30, 2010

Tomorrow I head to Boulder for the month for yoga teacher training! The past few days have been a mix of everything… mainly excitement, nervous anticipation, and sadness to be leaving my life here.  More to come from Boulder, but first one of my favorites quotes that I’ve been thinking about lately… Live Everything I want […]

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A little exercise: Good for your telomeres

May 28, 2010

We know that stress shortens telomeres. This new study indicates that this may happen only in inactive people. The study at UCSF looked at 62 postmenopausal women suffering long-term stress (caregivers of chronically ill loved ones). They divided the group into inactive and active people (active = at least 75 minutes of weekly physical activity). It […]

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