June 2010

Just a little meditation

June 30, 2010

Every morning after asana practice, Richard would have us do sitting meditation for at least 10 minutes. I’d like to continue that now that I’m back home (here’s why), but it’s HARD to create new habits and I find myself falling back into my old routines. It’s already known that long-term meditation improves concentration, attention, mood, and […]

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Practice… Practice all the time.

June 29, 2010

What a month! Departing words from Richard: Practice… Practice all the time. And now back home to Philly life!! My main projects, or “big rocks” as explained in this zen habits post: Finish research study (complete enrollment and analyze our data) Apply to residency programs (where do I want to be, what kind of program […]

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"No coffee, no ashtanga yoga"

June 26, 2010

Food/diet has not been discussed much at all, so I asked Richard about it. Yes, diet is important… diet is extremely important because it affects how you feel.  But the reason he doesn’t bring it up much? People become fanatic about it and quickly go to extremes (as a teacher, you have to be careful not to […]

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