November 2010

Getting enough omega-3’s (without fish)

November 26, 2010

One of my concerns with being a non-fish eating vegetarian is the question of whether I get enough omega-3 fatty acids (“good fats”): Should I eat fish sometimes? Should I be taking fish-oil supplements? My body might need me to put those lox on my bagel and cream cheese? We’ve heard why omega-3’s are good […]

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Interview with David Garrigues

November 20, 2010

David took the time to answer some questions and I’m very happy to share them here with you here… enjoy! Certified Ashtanga yoga teacher, David Garrigues How did you first learn about yoga? I was sixteen and working as a bus boy. The dishwasher was really into metaphysics, supernatural phenomenons, UFO’s, conspiracy theories, etc, and […]

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Traveling yoga

November 19, 2010

It’s especially important for me to keep up my yoga practice while traveling… the busier and more exhausted I am, the more I need it. Two solutions I’ve found for doing yoga while traveling far from my yoga home: 1) checking out local yoga studios when possible (not always possible), and 2) carrying with me […]

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