Comfort food: Sweet Beet Salad

by Christina on March 15, 2011

After a fun weekend away, lack of sleep, and anxiety over upcoming match day (2 days away), I’ve come down with a cold. Ugh.

The big question: to yoga or no yoga when sick? I didn’t go yesterday 1) not to infect other people and 2) I felt too sick. I woke up feeling a little better so I went this morning and made it through half of primary (painfully slowly) before collapsing into savasana. Not sure if it made things better or worse?

For some reason, this cold has been making me crave honey (black tea with lots of honey, honey on crackers, honey out of a big spoon). I’m not sure where this is coming from (and I’m not fighting it).

I didn’t have a huge appetite last night, but I wanted something sweet, simple, and with lots of nutrients. The kitchen was pretty bare but I did have some old beets and apples and whipped up what I thought was good comfort food:

Sweet Beet Salad

  1. Roast beets at 400 degrees for ~45 minutes (I made 4 medium-sized beets). Then peel beets and chop.
  2. Mix beets with 1 chopped apple.
  3. Mix in dressing: 1:1: 1 ratio of honey, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar (I happened to have that in my cabinet but try any vinegar).

I had a lot left over so stuck it in the fridge and I think it tasted even better today (or maybe I can just taste better today?).

Am I the only one with this sweet/honey craving when sick? What are your sweet comfort foods?

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lizzie March 16, 2011 at 2:17 am

I love Greek Chobani yogurt when my throat hurts! It is filling and feels good on my throat. Sleepytime tea also does the trick.


Christina March 16, 2011 at 11:12 am

yumm thanks Lizzie 🙂 I love greek yogurt!


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