When the real yoga will be happening

by Christina on March 3, 2011

I’m finally home and not planning going anywhere for at least a few weeks (anxiously awaiting Match Day on March 17!!!).

As expected, I’ve been doing lots of yoga! I love being with the Philly crew again. Last weekend we did a workshop with Luke Jordan (our visiting authorized yoga teacher) where we explored 2 of my favorite ongoing life questions: 1) WHAT is yoga, and 2) WHY we are doing this.

I left there with a bunch of things to think about including:

  • Yoga is about increasing awareness. We all have limited bodies, but our awareness is unlimited.
  • We always seek to attain the next pose, but it’s not about that. It’s not about putting your leg behind your head… one day, all we’ll be able to do is breathe as we move our arms up and down with awareness. That is yoga.
  • Be yourself, that is all. Yoga points us to who we are. It is not the attainment of anything else.

Luke talked about the 9 obstacles to a yoga practice, as outlined in the Yoga Sutras. Bolded are the ones I particularly relate to right now (reason in parenthesis):

  1. Disease (physical pain, hammy and low back in particular)
  2. Slothfulness
  3. Doubt
  4. Carelessness
  5. Laziness (fatigue from not enough sleep, too much walking/running)
  6. Lack of moderation (setting unrealistic expectations, overcaffeinating, overeating)
  7. Missing the point
  8. Scattered mind (from multitasking, overcommitting, overscheduling, not being present)
  9. Failure to attain in practice (frustration with my body’s limitations – leg is just not going behind my head!)

In a few months I will be a busy, stressed, overwhelmed, and sleep-deprived intern (ahhh… simultaneously scared and excited), and I think it is safe to say that these obstacles are only going to be getting bigger. And THAT is when my real yoga practice will be happening 🙂

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Chris palmer March 4, 2011 at 11:00 pm

A wonderful blog post! Thank you!


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