June 2011

5 things

June 30, 2011

That I’m loving about life as an intern so far: 1) The fact that interns will no longer take 30-hour call starting July 1 (I could not be happier about this – it’s really hard to function and think and be compassionate after being awake for 30 hours). 2) The pull-up bar in the door […]

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Removing enervating habits

June 26, 2011

“Nature returns to normal when enervating habits are given up. There are no “cures” in the sense generally understood. If one has a tobacco heart, what is the remedy? Stop the tobacco of course… What will cure? Drugs? No! Removing the cause. Every so called disease is built within the mind and body by enervating […]

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Food lessons from my sister

June 19, 2011

One of the best things about moving to SF is living in the same city as my younger sister. She works long hours in her consulting job, has read a TON about health and fitness, and has figured out some secrets to staying healthy while busy. I asked her for some tips below… ENJOY! — […]

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