September 2011

The real medical innovation

September 27, 2011

Excellent talk by physician/writer Abraham Verghese about the most important innovation in medicine to come in the next 10 years: the power of touch and the human hand. He talks about modern medicine’s excellent treatment and attention to the “i-patient” on the computer, while the real patient in the room lies confused, wondering where everyone is and […]

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Email of the week

September 25, 2011

From my dad to my sister, after she gave him this book for his birthday: — Darling Jenny, I’ve spent this evening reading the book by John Robbins (Healthy at 100) that you gave me for my birthday. I’ve been reading all the chapters on the importance of keeping fit. What a fantastic book! I […]

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Feeding my brain

September 24, 2011

This explains why I turn into a cookie monster on night shifts: my brain is hypoglycemic. When our brain glucose levels get low, we lose self-control. “When glucose levels drop, an area of the brain called the hypothalamus senses the change. Other regions called the insula and striatum associated with reward are activated, inducing a […]

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