Feeding my brain

by Christina on September 24, 2011

This explains why I turn into a cookie monster on night shifts: my brain is hypoglycemic.

When our brain glucose levels get low, we lose self-control.

“When glucose levels drop, an area of the brain called the hypothalamus senses the change. Other regions called the insula and striatum associated with reward are activated, inducing a desire to eat, the study found. The most pronounced reaction to reduced glucose levels was seen in the prefrontal cortex. When glucose is lowered, the prefrontal cortex seemed to lose its ability to put the brakes upon increasingly urgent signals to eat generated in the striatum.”

The solution is simple: eat more healthy food, and eat it more frequently. One of the study authors explained: “The key seems to be eating healthy foods that maintain glucose levels… The brain needs its food.” Their findings also suggest that obese people may not have the same glucose-related restraint when it comes to high-calorie foods.

To maintain my brain glucose levels tonight, I made these healthy cookies (version 2):

Not crumbly at all (thanks to Roberto and 101 cookbooks). The secret: adding in mashed banana and coconut oil (check out this amazing recipe).

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