Learning from cancer

by Christina on December 29, 2011

I love this so much: Dr. Lissa Rankin on Crazy Sexy Life blog giving the 10 Lessons she learned from cancer survivors. (Below is just a preview – check out the blog for the full post!)

1. Be unapologetically YOU. People who survive cancer get feisty… They say what they think. They laugh often. They don’t make excuses.”

2. Don’t take shit from people. “People who survive cancer stop trying to please everybody. They give up caring what everybody else thinks.”

3. Learn to say no. People with cancer say no when they don’t feel like going to the gala. They avoid gatherings when they’d prefer to be alone.”

4. Get angry.Then get over it. People who survive cancer get in your face… They demand respect. They feel it. Then they forgive. They let go.”

5. Don’t obsess about beauty.People who survive cancer no longer worry about whether they have perfect hair, whether their makeup looks spotless, or whether their boobs are perky enough.”

6. Do it now.Stop deferring happiness… Quit that soul-sucking job now. Leave that deadbeat husband. Prioritize joy.”

7. Say “I love you” often. You never know when your time is up. Don’t risk having someone you love not know it.”

8. Take care of your body. People who survive cancer have a whole new appreciation for health… Avoid putting toxic poisons in your God pod. Get enough sleep.”

9. Prioritize freedom. People who survive cancer know that being a workaholic isn’t the answer… As Tim Ferriss writes in “The 4-Hour Workweek,” “Gold is getting old. The New Rich are those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility.”’

10. Take risks. People who survive cancer have faced their fear and told it to go to hell… And joy lies in taking risks. So go skydiving if you want. Bungee jump. Hang glide. Spend your savings.”

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