August 2012


August 26, 2012

This has been great call-day/Sunday blues reading: My dad recommended it to me a while ago and I only got around to reading it today in the lonely call room awaiting babies to be born. ¬†Dr. Weil writes¬†about our happiness “set point” and how to go about resetting it. Here were a few ideas I […]

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When we don’t sleep

August 15, 2012

Over the past year, I’ve been experiencing and thinking about sleep deprivation quite a bit. During long overnight shifts in the hospital, I now recognize my symptoms: feeling freezing cold, breathing faster, craving sugary foods, poor word-recall, the beginnings of a sore throat, making silly mistakes, seeing/hearing things that aren’t there. It’s not great for […]

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Worth another watch

August 10, 2012

Being a 2nd year resident is MUCH better than being an intern, but I’m finding myself busier in different ways (clinic notes, paperwork, patient follow up, OB call, reconnecting with the parts of me I lost during intern year). Anyway, sorry for the lack of blog posts in the past month! I’m working on an […]

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