by Christina on September 4, 2012

Coffee shop inspiration shared from a weekend road trip up to wine country:

In learning more about food as medicine or poison, I’ve really been enjoying this website:

Particularly this 3 minute video — A Harvard study found that people on low-carb diets have higher all-cause mortality rates, but not if they were on the “eco-Atkins” diet (a plant-based low-carb diet).

I think we need a better name than Eco-Atkins though… any ideas?

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Jenny Palmer September 4, 2012 at 4:55 am

“Vegan paleo” !!


John September 4, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Awesome Christina! I find it very interesting how we all have a fat fuel system parallel to our carb. fuel system. And that we don’t produce the correct fat digesting enzymes until we greatly reduce our carb. intake, similar to fasting. And that once in the fat utilizing mode, everything changes from what we intuitively thought about fat + carb. diets.
These results, although somewhat anecdotal, are persuasive for whatever population, in general, that the data represents (Noting that optimal dietary needs do vary greatly from individual to individual, and even from day to day, as attested to by applied kinesthiology studies)
Would like to see the mortality curve for the Marathon level athlete split by meat/milk/eggs, on the animal-based side, and by Cooked/Raw on the Vegan Paleo side.
Also of interest is how diet can effect support in flexing, and healing deep joint and spinal bending and twisting, which can ultimately add to further healing capacities.
Thank you very much for all!


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