November 2012


November 19, 2012

Moving from a busy OB month to an even busier ICU rotation followed by 2 weeks of night shifts, this weekend was full of burnout prophylaxis — exercise, sleep, baths, phone calls, haircut, watching Lincoln viewing (terrific!), decluttering, and lots of nonmedical reading. There have been several articles lately on physician demoralization and burnout, including […]

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Where ideas grow

November 11, 2012

One big reason I wanted to be in the Bay Area for residency was because new ideas can grow and get cultivated here. Today, I got to step away from clinical duties and momentarily into the world of ideas and innovation at this TEDxSF conference: Check out¬†the list of speakers: they¬†covered topics including poverty, infectious […]

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Highlights of the week

November 4, 2012

Residency is hard, but it is also a finite amount of time and there are some wonderful moments too. Having even just a small amount of time off to cook and exercise and see friends puts it all in perspective pretty quickly. I’m feeling more positive and had a pretty good last week, delivering a […]

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