March 2013

More greens

March 27, 2013

I’ve been working on eating more greens. As we all know, it’s super hard when there’s little time to cook, free enticing hospital food, and rushed unpredictable meal-times. One solution I’ve been working on is getting into the habit of making a morning green smoothie. I keep my kitchen stocked with: Huge bin of washed […]

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What kind of leader are you?

March 26, 2013

It’s no surprise that physicians aren’t great leaders — we spend our twenties in medical school studying, and resurface years later expected to be great communicators, decision-makers, and change-makers.  Our residency program recently funded a session on leadership and the Myers Briggs analysis to help us be better. Prior to our session we were sent […]

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Patient homework

March 14, 2013

I finally made myself a doctor’s appointment and before my appointment I had to fill out a questionnaire. Well! What a great idea Put the patient to work. Have them do some pre-contemplation and goal setting before the visit. Help them feel invested in your time together. The questions I had to answer included the […]

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