Soda and telomere length

by Christina on October 25, 2014

A vote on Prop E is coming up. Will San Franciscans vote for a tax on sugar sweetened beverages? It has failed everywhere else so if it won that would be huge. I’m for it.

Here’s a timely study that recently came out linking soda drinking to telomere length.

They found that soda consumption is associated with shorter telomeres, and we already know that short telomeres are associated with shorter lifespan, heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

Oh, telomeres… they hold a special place in my heart. I spent a year of my life in medical school figuring out how to measure and research them. I loved research but it took over 4 years to get any results published. Why does science have to take so long?

Part of the reason I wanted to come out to San Francisco was because of people doing work like Elizabeth Epel, the senior author of this study. Residency proved too demanding to do much else, but I’d still like to get back into it one day. Especially if research findings like this could influence public health measures like the soda tax.

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