November 2014

Like unwashed potatoes

November 27, 2014

Ever since I read Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies a few years ago, I think of unwashed potatoes whenever I nuzzle my baby and smell in all his baby perfectness: “She smells him behind the ears, where he most smells like sweet unwashed new potatoes. This is in fact what I think God may smell like, a young child’s […]

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My Dad on Prostate Cancer

November 20, 2014

In medical school I was routinely convinced I had whatever cancer we were studying. My gums bled with flossing and I was sure I had leukemia. I had a headache or my fingers tingled, I had a brain tumor. I felt a nodule on my thyroid, I had thyroid cancer. That mole was definitely a melanoma. […]

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Creating a microbiome

November 18, 2014

“Human milk is more than food. It’s a complex living substance, like blood, with a long list of active germ-fighting and health-promoting ingredients.”~Dr. Sears website  Breast milk is like blood. Alive with white blood cells, antibodies, and changing with the changing needs of the baby. The responsibility for another being’s growth and nourishment is a […]

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