6 Changes for 2015

by Christina on January 2, 2015

What a year 2014 has been, and there is a lot to look forward to in 2015. For me, the coming year is going to be a lot of growing into my new roles of both a new mom and doctor. I will have to learn and balance a lot.

I’ve been thinking about New Years Resolutions for the year, but in some ways I like the 6 changes method better. This means writing down 6 habits that you want to develop, and then doing one by one until each becomes routine. I’ve done it in the past here and here and they seem to stick better.

So here we are, 6 habits for the 2015:

  1. Wake up 1.5 hours earlier to start the day with reading, writing, yoga and meditation (miracle mornings).
  2. Read 2 books per week (inspired by this podcast on reading a book in 90 minutes).
  3. Eat plant-based, mostly vegan diet (here’s why).
  4. Write daily in morning pages and write weekly in family journal.
  5. Do home yoga practice in mornings during the week, and on weekends practice with yoga community.
  6. Practice piano and learn one song a month.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle

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Chris Palmer January 3, 2015 at 12:42 am

I like the 6 changes idea. It reminds me a bit of Ben Franklin working to improve himself in 13 areas (diligence, honesty, etc.) and focusing on one value at a time in order to feel a measurable improvement.


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