September 2016

Top picks of the week

September 30, 2016

First, my top drinks of the week: Evolution Greens Juice: It’s hard to find a good green juice that doesn’t have all the added fruit juices – this one is good, not sweet at all. Plus I love that they sell these at Starbucks and I can get one with my coffee. Pressed Juicery Brazil Nut […]

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Coffee Day!

September 29, 2016

It’s no surprise that I *love* coffee! In honor of today being National Coffee Day (I didn’t even know this existed until today!), and as I drink my second cup of the day, I thought I’d share with you this nice article from Authority Nutrition summarizing evidence for health benefits of coffee: This includes: making you smarter, increasing metabolism, providing […]

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What we’re eating: Kale Pesto

September 28, 2016

You’ve may have figured out by now that I don’t like to spend much time on complicated recipes, but I love eating healthy nourishing food and making easy things. Last night I was inspired to make kale pesto after seeing Dr. Amy Myers recipe here: Tuscan Kale Pesto I tweaked the recipe a bit based on what […]

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