Improving your microbiome

by Christina on September 14, 2016

It’s no secret that I love coffee and wine, and I was happy to see this study showing that wine and coffee may help our gut microbiome!


They looked at stool samples of 1,135 people and found that coffee, tea, and wine help increase the diversity of gut bacteria. They found that high-carb/sugary foods decrease diversity. They also found associations with medication — it’s no surprise that antibiotics decrease gut diversity, but they also found that other medications may have an effect including the commonly used metformin for diabetes.

I think a lot about my newborn’s microbiome and need to think about mine too: more fermented foods, fiber, probiotics. And now I know my coffee and wine will help serve this purpose too.

I just love all this stuff coming out on the gut microbiome! I especially can’t wait for more on it’s role in fighting the obesity epidemic.


“Medicine sometimes gets trapped in dogma and embraces the conventional escalator to clinical impact. But sometimes a new, bold path pops up serendipitously, and a few brave optimists take the elevator and change the way we think about medicine.” ~Zain Kassam, CMO at OpenBiome (a non-profit stool bank)



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