The next 10 years in medicine

by Christina on October 31, 2016

Really loved reading this article by Vivek Wadhwa to get even more excited about what’s coming in the next 10 years of medicine.

It makes me appreciate practicing in Silicon Valley where a lot of this is happening and where a lot of my patients are working on these innovations.

He writes about gene sequencing, artificial intelligence, the tracking of our physical and mental health, and the microbiome. Check out the article:


A major frustration in medicine is how long it takes for research findings to get translated into practice — this is where tech companies come in. As the author of the article says:

“Yes, it will take time for the inventions to get from the lab to people in need, and the technology elite will have these before the rest of us. But this will only be for a short period, because the way the tech industry builds value is by democratizing technology, reducing its cost and enabling it to reach billions. This is why I am so excited that companies such as IBM, Facebook, and Google are taking the mantle from the health-care industry. These companies have a motivation to keep us healthy: so that we download more applications rather than remain hooked on prescription medicines.” ~Vivek Wadhwa


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