Trying to meditate more

by Christina on October 10, 2016

Like a lot of people, I’d love to meditate more. I’m sure even just a few minutes a day would be helpful but I have a hard time disciplining myself to do it regularly. My friend recently came to visit and told me she’s now meditating regularly and it’s been transformational for her… she recommended I try these apps out:


This is my favorite so far. You open the app and check in — how are you feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally. Based on how you feel, some specific meditations are picked for you.



This morning I was feeling grumpy and irritable. Based on this, it picked a 6 minute meditation on “cause and effect” that I did while pumping, and it helped me reflect on how my thoughts and words lead to actions. When I finished and got up to make oatmeal I definitely think it helped me interact more positively with my toddler and husband.

I also love how can look at your own stats and see your top emotions, time meditating, and a graph of your “weekly settledness“!

It also gives you “stickers” when you complete meditations that you can post on social media. Adults like stickers too!

Lastly, it’s free. I really appreciate not being asked to pay to upgrade all the time.

This is a nice app with almost 3,000 free meditations. There are a lot for helping with sleep, including many for kids. Tonight I might try the “Help Kids Sleep Meditation” for my son since he spends at least 30 minutes lying in bed before falling asleep.

I also like how this has a nice sense of virtual community. It’s easy to feel isolated meditating alone at home, but in the app you can see a map of everyone meditating, and can even “friend” and message people meditating nearby you.



This is a nice and straightforward app where you can pick some basic guided meditations (body scan, loving-kindness, forgiveness, etc) or a simple timed meditation. If you pay to subscribe you have access to more ($3.33/month), such as “calm kids” with sleep stories and meditations for kids.


This one makes you complete an intro set of 10 intro meditations before you have access to more — this was a barrier to me and haven’t gotten past them yet. Plus, it seems most of the content you can’t access unless you’re a subscriber and it’s a bit more pricey ($12.99/month).


Any others out there people like?

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