Iyengar Inspiration

June 5, 2013

I’m on vacation and starting to feel alive again! So far my big project has been getting back into a daily mysore practice. What is it about the soreness of a deep yoga practice that feels so good? I love being barely able to move when I wake up. Love it! I hope this 22 […]

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What kind of leader are you?

March 26, 2013

It’s no surprise that physicians aren’t great leaders — we spend our twenties in medical school studying, and resurface years later expected to be great communicators, decision-makers, and change-makers.  Our residency program recently funded a session on leadership and the Myers Briggs analysis to help us be better. Prior to our session we were sent […]

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Life after residency

February 6, 2013

We recently had a seminar on “life after residency.” We were asked what we ultimately want in our job and career. In the midst of residency demands, what I crave most right now is freedom and autonomy — to make my own schedule, to have a routine, to sleep each night in my bed, to […]

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