Raising Baby and Biome

by Christina on August 2, 2017

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Mysore & Motherhood?

by Christina on May 28, 2017

I’ve been slowly exploring getting back to a mysore practice and am now trying to find a way to make it sustainable. It’s a practice that has been with me now for almost 15 years of my life, through medical school and residency, yet it’s been motherhood that seems to be the biggest barrier.

The good news is I found a great teacher and mysore community that’s <10 minutes away. Sharath was recently here at Stanford teaching and I was luckily able to make it to one of his classes.

Here’s a nice video about Sharath’s recent visit that helps explain some of why I love the practice and why I want to find a way to get it back into my life — hope you enjoy!

Ever since having my older son 3 years ago I have chosen not to practice mysore regularly, thoughI’ve definitely gotten to know and practice seventh series well. I haven’t yet figured out how to juggle family life, motherhood, and a career, though do realize that I need the yoga practice more than ever now.

My main barriers to practice:

  • Missing the sweet cuddly morning time with my kids — this time will not last for long, and I ache for them when my practice takes me away
  • The burden on my husband if I leave for 2 hours — understandably it’s stressful for him to cloth, feed, and care for the boys while also trying to get ready for his day
  • My career — I have to be dressed and caffeinated by 8am so it’s always a rush even if I’m not doing yoga

Thinking about what could help make it happen:

  • Being able to bring the kids and let them play in the room next door with other kids — are there any examples of places doing something like this?
  • A mysore-mom group/facebook group — I find virtual communities can be really supportive when I can’t always connect in person with people. It makes some of the isolation of motherhood less lonely. Maybe there’s already one out there?
  • Being able to actually practice at home (as any mom knows, this is impossible with a toddler and baby around).

Any advice out there?


Digital detox

by Christina on January 26, 2017

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“Many parents intuitively understand that ubiquitous glowing screens are having a negative effect on kids. We see the aggressive temper tantrums when the devices are taken away and the wandering attention spans when children are not perpetually stimulated by their hyper-arousing devices. Worse, we see children who become bored, apathetic, uninteresting and uninterested when not plugged in.

But it’s even worse than we think.” ~Dr. Nicholas Kardaras

The other night my 2.5 year old woke up from a dream screaming about the characters in his favorite show, Little Einsteins. He was having a nightmare about the show, and when I held and consoled him he woke up enough to say he wanted “Annie” (from the show) to come over.

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Here are some of the ideas we have to improve the situation… please share any others ideas you have!

  • Avoid TV first thing in the morning. This is hard, and I’m trying to find other activities could  in this early morning time to keep him occupied and engaged. Any suggestions?
  • Avoid TV in the evening before bedtime
  • Have books around – read books instead of turning on the TV
  • Play outside more (this is hard in rain/winter)
  • Never have TV/ipad in bedroom
  • When we do watch something – make it a special occasion and make it clear it is for a limited amount of time. If tantrum happens when we turn it off, deal with that, but do NOT turn the TV back on.
  • Most importantly  — set an example ourselves. We need to get off our phones and and be present with our family.